Spread the Roots

ROI DU ZAÏRE / Oil on canvas / 82 x 100 cm

 Zaire, currently known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This work demonstrates the artistic spirit of Zaireans, fantastic creators recognized throughout the African continent. The character represented is a Kuba king, he is dressed in a royal habit called « Labot Latwool », entirely realized with elements coming from the animal and vegetable world. Nature remains the place of supply for these artists making. The dress is made of fig tree bark, soaked and then beaten, using wooden clubs, until a fine material is obtained and sufficiently malleable to be deformed and carried. At its waist, a belt of cowrie shells. At his neck he wears a leopard-toothed collar and holds. In his left hand a fly-hunting making with elephant-tail hairs.




LE KILIMANDJARO / Oil on canvas / 71 x 71 cm

L’INTRONISATION / Oil on canvas /  80 x 65 cm  

For the Akan people, preparation for the ascent of the king to the throne, was a long spiritual ceremony that was made in the greatest secrecy. It is said that the secret was to protect the future king of evil spirits. On this painting: as tradition requires, the brother of the dead king who is in charge of dressing his nephew for the great ceremony. In the bottom, two servants, one carrying the king’s crown, the other jewelry , they await the call of their elder to bring him ornaments. On the wall of the hut, a mask depicting the greatness of queen-mothers giving an approving look to the new king. Bottom right is a statue of a man symbol of wealth: its belly and its base indicates that he is rich and comfortable, in the room as to instill his blessing to the new king chose.


LES MARCHANTS / Oil on canvas / 90 x 162 cm

LES DANSEUSES / Oil on canvas / 100 x 150 cm 

The Kirdi live in the mountains of northern Cameroon. For years, they have resisted the influence of their Muslim neighbors and preserved their traditions. King Kirdi remains a descendant of the founder of the tribe, he has power over all surrounding lands. During this ceremony, the women dance in honor of the ancestors, dressed in their traditional clothing, a belt and a band of braided fibers that cover the genitals, leggings woven liana that they do collide during their dance rhythmically, producing Thus a particular sound.

LES ZULUS / Oil on canvas / 76 x 117 cm 

TCHAKA ZULU (1787-1828) is the founder of the Zulu empire

CONGOLAISE / Oil on canvas /  65 x 81 cm


DIMANCHE / Oil on canvas / 73 x 92 cm 

Macouba Church, Martinique 1920



LA TUNIQUE / Oilon canvas / 81 x 65 cm 

a Fon warrior garment from Dahomey
(Benin, West Africa). This style is still prevalent
under the name of « Boubou »