Spread the Roots




FRENCH RIVIERA / Oil on canvas / 73 x 100 cm




NOUVELLES DU PAYS / Oil on canvas / 73 x 92 cm



VIE DE LUXE / Oil on canvas / 73 x 85 cm


MYSTERIEUSE / Oil on canvas / 54 x 70 cm


In Ethiopia At the crossroads of Sudan and Kenya, there is a volcanic region which provides a wide range of pigments, red ocher, white kaolin, copper green, yellow and ash gray. Nearby, locals, geniuses of ancient art, the Omo Tribe. They conceive the open hands with speed and freedom of facial and body works of great originality. Only the desire to seduce is at the origin of this art which remains a game and a permanent pleasure.


LE MAQUILLAGE / Oil on canvas /  73 x 100 cm






PREMIERS PAS / Oil on canvas / 82 x 100 cm

The work is dedicated to the first women deported to French Louisiana in the 18th century. They are from different countries of West Africa. They will later become the mothers of a new people in a new world: African Americans.




AGIR OU MOURIR / Oil on canvas / 115 x 198 cm