It’s my passion for art, my love for Africa and my interest in History that led me to become a painter and to recreate the images of ancestral Africa. Through my pictural work I want to preserve  the traditions, the habits, the typical characters of this continent and thus, preserve a cultural heritage for future generations. I perpetuate a long human tradition that is several millennia old.

The pictorial art being one of the oldest means of communication to preserve the memory of a knowledge. A duty, the transmission of a history and cultures to future generations.

Pascal Mpeck – Artist painter

Djéli (Griot)

Prior to colonization, they were important personalities such as King’s advisors, 2002

La Reine Pokou

Queen who led a  tribe located in which we consider today the country of Ghana, 2005

Les danseuses

Fali of Bossoum by the Kirdi living in the mountains of northern Cameroon, 2006


Preparation for the ascent of the King to the throne it was a long spiritual ceremony, 2006

Ma Onko

King of the Batéké signed a treaty of protectorate ratified by the French government, 2006


Population of farmers and semi-nomadic warriors of East Africa, 2005

Les marchands

European settlers near African coasts, 2005


They were the most ferocious warriors of the Tutsi Kingdom, 2003

Enfant du pays

Caribbean farmers during labor, 2002


Voodoo is a traditional spirituality developed by the Fon of Benin, 2004

Rivière d’amour

Absalon river in Martinique, 2005
Le Rempart

The resistance of the Cameroonian Muslim warriors, 2002

Caribbean population on their way to their place of worship, 2004
Roi du Zaïre

King dressed in a royal habit called « Labot Latwool », 2005

Les amants

Young lovers, 2002
Le devin

The Malian healer practices divination according to the Dogon rites, 2007

Women walking at the foot of the mountain, 2003


Namibian people on a walk in the forest, 2007
Les lutteurs

Ritual fights, a custom of the region of Sudan maintained for a century, 2008
Fin du chemin

Les Kuba du Zaïre

The Kuba actors hold a freedom of expression towards the sovereign, useful for the development of society, 2011
Premiers pas

They will later become the mothers of a new people in a new world: The Africans-Americans, 2008


La tunique

Le pouvoir de l’amour

Yes we can