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Oil on canvas / 81 x 130 cm / 2014

In Cameroon, one of the most spectacular dances is undoubtedly Tso at Bamileke ethnic group. It expresses the prestige and vitality of the tribe’s leadership. It is performed on the occasion of seasonal celebrations, funerals or inaugurations.

This dance is executed by members of the Kuosi tribe, (of warrior tradition), The dancers wear hoods, which are richly decorated with pearls. The ears and the long frontal piece represent an elephant ; the dancers are dressed in indigo dyed cloths, with pearl-embroidered waistcoats. They also wear feather-ornated headdresses, leopard skins, showing their standing and grade in the tribal society. 




Tso at Bamileke ethnic group

Bamileke ethnic group parade


Photos : Danses d’Afrique de Michel HUET – Edition du Chêne