Pascal Mpeck is Artist who seeks the educational institutions for African culture sharing. Pascal was born on 1972 in the south of France (Cannes) of African father (Cameroon), and West Indian mother (Martinique). At the age of 8 he was impassioned by drawing. He later sought formal training in graphic arts in France, where he continues to paint today. Mpeck exhibits all over the world, finding pleasure and enjoyment as his art informs about African culture, history and identity. It is his hope that Africa will be better known and understood as her cultural legacy is passed on to future generations. During this adventure, many cultural and educational center solicited and supported him.

In 2002 he was chosen, among others, to represent Cameroon at the ‘Salon des artistes Français’ in Paris, the 2002 edition focused on Africa. In 2005 Pascal exhibits his work during the Pan-African Film Festival of Cannes. In the same year, he flies for Martinique, where he exhibited his art at the Atrium Center in Fort de France, received and congratulated by the writer and former Mayor, Mr. Aimé Césaire. Then, it finds the opportunity to export his art at Departement of French and Francophone Studies at Georgetown University and The Franck W. Hale, Jr. Cultural Black Center at Ohio States University. In 2006, Pascal exhibit his works during the congressional Black Caucus event, thanks to whom, it will be exhibited later by Serengeti Gallery in Maryland and Armour J. Blackburn University Center at Howard University. In 2009 Pascal organized in Miami a 3-month event, opening a showroom especially for his works. Back in france,from 2010 to 2014, he devoted himself to the creation of new works, while continuing to inform, In 2015 he is invited to describe one of his Works named ‘Yes we can’ for a class of students at the Bristol Hight-School of Cannes, this class studied the segregationist period in the United States of America.
Harlan Davidson editions called Pascal Mpeck to illustrate the book ‘THE ATLANTIC WORLD’ written by Douglas R. Egerton, with one of his painting named ‘THE GRIOT’. In this book, intended for American university teaching published in 2007, Pascal is the only contemporary artist of the 21st century.
The Parisian editor Anne Carriere, has also called him to illustrate the cover of the novel by the French writer Marie-Reine DeJaham ‘LA VERANDA CREOLE’ published in 2005 with the Mpeck’s painting named ‘LES AMANTS’ (the Lovers).

« My passion for art, my love for Africa and my interest in History led me to become a painter and to recreate the images of ancestral Africa. Through my pictural work I preserve the traditions, the habits, the typical characters of my original continent and beyond. »

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